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MooGoo Skin Care Hyperpimentation
We think freckles are cute. :)


Pigmentation is the natural colouring of our skin and is caused by melanin, a substance within our bodies. Hyperpigmentation is, as the name implies, crazy pigmentation. It occurs when the body is producing an excess of melanin which causes the skin to darken more than its normal colouring, for example freckles or sunspots. 


Well, there's a range of things such as sun exposure, certain medications, fragrances and perfumes, genetics and ageing. Hyperpigmentation is harmless but for some, it can heavily affect self-esteem. 

Hyperpigmentation MooGoo Brightening Cream
MooGoo Brightening Cream


There are many topical and laser treatments on the market that claim to help fade hyperpigmentation. But these treatments can be costly and there are always risks involved, particularly with laser treatments. Many involve bleaching agents which may not be good for the skin long term. After receiving many requests from customers for a healthy, natural alternative, we got to work. 

A few years ago, we developed a product called MooGoo Brightening Cream. This Cream has a natural, healthy moisturiser base made up of our favourite skin healing oils, such as olive oil, apricot oil and rice bran oil. Within this base, we have mixed in three powerful natural brightening ingredients that gradually lighten the skin tone and fade hyperpigmentation. These include:
MooGoo Brightening Cream Hyperpigmentation
Field Dock Plant

1) Alpha Arbutin 

This ingredient is derived from the field dock plant. It is purified to increase effectiveness and arrives to us as a white powder which we then mix into the natural moisturiser base. 

Indian Gooseberry
2) Emblica 

This is derived from Indian Gooseberry and is also used in some anti-ageing creams because as well as brightening the skin, it is also an excellent antioxidant. 

Brightening Cream MooGoo Hyperpigmentation
Super Vitamin C
3) Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Super Vitamin C)

One of our all time favourite ingredients! Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants and brightening agents out. But vitamin C is normally soluble in water, not oil. This means if you lather vitamin C on your skin, it will just sit on top of the skin's natural oils and not actually reach the skin. So we have found an oil soluble version of vitamin C which we use in our products so it can mix with the natural oils of the skin and penetrate through to reach the skin. 

So for customers wanting to fade their hyperpigmentation without having to use expensive topical treatments or laser, we would advise using this Cream as a daily moisturiser in conjunction with our Super Vitamin C Eye Serum (pre-moisturiser). This serum is a pure, nourishing and highly concentrated serum made up of three simple ingredients: ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C), vitamin E and olive squalene. Due to its high concentration of vitamin C, this serum is particularly good for pigmentation. 

Anyways, we thought to write this post because the other day we received an email from one of our customers Lindsay that is just too lovely not to share: 

"Just thought you would like to see the results of your Brightening Cream. I have been using it every night ... and I think the results speak for themselves. I have a lot of MooGoo products and love it!! Very happy as I was going to get laser treatment but thought I would try your cream first. Thanks again."

Hyperpigmentation Brightening Cream MooGoo
Brightening Cream Before and After

By Daniella de Azevedo

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