Thursday, 13 November 2014

Movember for the Moustache-less

As you might have noticed from all the guys walking around growing moustaches, it is Movember. We want to support men's health too, but being a nearly all-female office who can't grow moustaches (or don't want to admit we can :)) we came up with an idea. We're making our own moisturiser moustaches - a fun way us ladies (and kids) can get involved in the Movember craze and easy enough to slip into our morning beauty regime. 

If you can't grow a moustache but would like to support this great cause, join us by uploading a photo of your moisturiser moustache to our website, Facebook or Instagram with the tag #MOOvember. For every person to upload a moisturiser moustache photo, we will donate $1 to The Movember Foundation up to $500 until end of November. The hashtag is really important because it will help us track how many photos have been uploaded and we will also be collecting all the photos for the online gallery on our website... check it out here:

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing your moustache! ;)

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