Monday, 2 September 2013

National Eczema Awareness Week

Yesterday marked the first day of National Eczema Awareness Week here in Australia (2-8 September) so we thought it worth highlighting our top tips on managing eczema. According to the Eczema Association of Australia, one in three Australians will suffer from this common skin condition at some point in their lives and 20% of individuals will develop eczema before five years of age. Children and infants are more susceptible to eczema as their immune systems are not fully developed. Here is how sufferers can tackle eczema: 

    Eczema may be caused by a pollen.
  • Eczema is caused by an allergic reaction to something so the best thing to do is try and find out what the body is reacting to (sometimes this can be tricky as it can literally be anything). This can be caused internally, for example a reaction to a food that breaks out on the skin. It can also be caused by something externally such as grasses, fabrics or a specific ingredient within a skin care product. 

  • Be observant about what may be triggering the eczema - we recommend starting with possible food allergies. Keep track of what your child is eating and note if there is any food that seems to worsen the condition in the next 12-24 hours. Be aware of what is in contact with the skin. If the eczema is seasonal, such as breakouts in spring, this may be attributed to grasses or pollens. Be observant of the skin care products being used. Many products contain Paraffin (Mineral Oil) and for some children this can cause a reaction. Natural ingredients can also cause reactions. 

  • Take care of your child's stomach flora as recent research has found poor gut flora can be a contributing factor to eczema in some people. Be careful not to overuse antibiotics (as advised by your doctor) and look at prebiotics and probiotics too. 
One of our adorable little MooGoo
customers with her Eczema and
Psoriasis Cream!

  • Apply an eczema cream, such as MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Cream, to affected areas to reduce inflammation and irritation. Follow with a soothing moisturiser everyday (even when eczema has calmed down) to keep skin in a healthy condition. 

  • Avoid too hot baths as this can dry out the skin and cause further irritation. 

  • For children suffering from eczema, take comfort in the fact that most children will grow out of their allergies and the condition normally around six years of age. 

Do you have any tips for managing eczema? If so, please share and pop them into the comments section below. :)

By Daniella De Azevedo 

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