Monday, 19 August 2013

'Miraculous' Moisturisers, Money and Marketing

by Daniella De Azevedo 

The Anti-Ageing market is booming and the 'miracles' that promise younger skin are becoming more staggering and dearer than ever before but are Australians really getting value for their money?

The belief that expensive products correlate with excellent quality has been embedded in the minds of consumers which means not many think twice before reaching for the most expensive product on the shelf. 

Cosmetic creams, stripped of their packaging, all look identical regardless of the price tag. What normally influence shoppers to reach for the dearer option are claims that the product contains the newest, must-have, one of a kind anti-ageing ingredient, from Swiss Apple Stem Cells to topical Botox to Peptides. These are almost always accompanied by statements such as 'Clinically Proven'. 

MooGoo Director and Product Formulator, Craig Jones, said the authenticity of such ingredients depends on a number of factors. 

"The effectiveness of such ingredients depends largely on the percentage it makes up of the cream, whether it oxidises before touching the skin (as is the case for many Retinol based products) or whether the cream is credible to begin with," said Mr Jones. 

Consumers usually justify high price tags with the promising claims on products and advertisements. However, contrary to what is believed  cosmetic products are not required to substantiate their claims in advertising. Marketers have virtually a free hand to develop ingredients and claims in order to increase the price tags of cosmetic products, while hiding the chemical based ingredients which may in fact make up the majority of the cream. Furthermore, the studies underlying the 'Clinically Proven' taglines do not need to be published studies or reviewed by any experts. 

There are many good anti-ageing products available; however, consumers should base their decision on the ingredient list rather than the price tags if they want to be certain they are getting true value for their money and the best for their skin. 

Town Hall Pharmacy Pharmacist and Proprietor John Moawad said he has seen an increase in Australian consumers searching for anything to help treat signs of ageing and stressed the importance of caring for your skin, the best anti-ageing treatment there is. 

"It is evident more and more people, particularly women, are looking for great products to help with ageing," said Mr Moawad. 

"What a lot of people don't realise is that our skin is the largest organ of the human body ... how we treat and look after it will be the difference between having great skin or not so great skin."

"People are starting to realise that chemical is not always the best way to go."

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