Thursday, 6 December 2012


My name is Daniella and I work at a natural skin care company called MooGoo. We make natural products for people with skin and scalp problems. The 4 of us girls in customer service spend a lot of the day answering questions from people trying to figure out why their own or their child’s skin has broken out in “some sort of rash”.

Hay! What’s this rash? is designed to offer all our readers a little insight into the typical questions we get asked, and how we would answer them. We hope we can illustrate to you all through our words and pictures what is going on with the skin when it decides to stage a revolution.

We aren't doctors and this information is only to help you better understand what’s going on before visiting a doctor.  Sometimes when people hear words like “Atopic Dermatitis” or “Seborrheic Dermatitis” it can sound complicated. But it’s not that complicated. Often skin problems are just some sort of allergic reaction breaking out, but what to do about it can be confusing. Hopefully we can help you.

Enjoy. :)

by Daniella De Azevedo 

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