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MooGoo Skin Care
(Kindly provided by Sarah)

I can say without a doubt the most satisfying part of our job is when we manage to help a customer or their loved one that is suffering from a skin condition. Now, let me start off by saying something we explain to everyone who contacts us – we don’t claim to be medical professionals. We’re more than happy to offer advice and recommendations; however we do urge everyone who is unsure of what condition they are suffering from to go and see a medical professional. Naturopaths can also be helpful, just pick and choose one you have confidence in.

One of the most common type of queries we get are from distressed mums seeking some understanding as to what skin problem their child has and the best way to help relieve it. Since the immune systems of infants and children are still developing, they can react to a range of things and are therefore more susceptible to skin conditions such as Eczema, Cradle Cap and Nappy Rash. As you can imagine, not only do these conditions cause a lot of discomfort for infants and children, but they can also cause embarrassing moments for them, particularly at school. 

Infant Eczema

Mum’s often ring up and describe to us the skin of their child which appears dry, cracked, itchy and in some cases, weeping. Most of the time, this ends up being Eczema. Now, most of you may already be familiar with this condition, however if not, I’ll elaborate a little further…

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) is an inflammation of the skin caused by the immune system reacting inappropriately to a perceived irritant. So, kind of like an allergy that breaks out on the skin. The annoying thing is this irritant can literally be anything such as a food, a skin product or something in the air such as dust mites or pollen. Eczema often, but not always, starts in the creases of the elbows or knees. It is a non-contagious skin condition. Fortunately in most cases, children will grow out of it and it will often disappear around 6 years of age. However, that fact is of little comfort right now to the baby suffering from Eczema and the parents who are missing out on sleep. The severity of Eczema can alter on a daily basis. So why is it so common among children? A child's immune system is not fully developed which means they can react to many things.  Eczema is more common in children who have other allergies, such as asthma and hay fever. 

MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Balm
(Kindly provided by J.)

So many mums come to us seeking any information that may alleviate their child’s discomfort caused by Eczema. As we explain to them, the initial emphasis should be given to identifying and removing the source of the irritant, if it is at all possible. Topical creams can help soothe the irritation and itch.

Identifying the allergen can be done with the help of practitioners or simply through trial and error. Aqueous creams are sometimes prescribed by doctors as a substitute to soap or detergents (soap and detergents can dry the skin out which is especially bad for those with Eczema whose skin needs to be kept moist and supple). However, aqueous creams may not be the best answer. Why? Because they usually contain paraffin oils, SLS and water. We’ll delve deeper into this another time but interestingly a survey of 100 British children treated with aqueous cream has found that it irritated over half of them. Their symptoms ranged from redness and itchiness to burning and stinging. Many of the children referred to the cream as ‘stingy’ cream and sadly, in one extreme case, we heard about a child who screams when it is used…

I received a call from one of our customers Anna not so long ago. Unfortunately her son had been suffering from a severe case of Eczema since birth and it had reached the stage where his sleeping was affected. 

MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Balm
(Kindly provided by Anna)
Anna explained to me that she had looked high and low for something to help soothe her son's skin so that he could stop scratching and finally have a decent night's sleep. I explained to her the best thing to do would be to try and figure out what was causing the Eczema but, in the meantime, to apply some of our MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Balm in conjunction with the MooGoo MSM Soothing Cream to the affected areas to try and soothe the skin. A few weeks later I received a call from a very ecstatic Anna. Whilst she still didn't have her finger on exactly what was causing the Eczema, her son had finally managed to sleep peacefully at night. I think the images pretty much speak for themselves...

Cradle Cap

Cradle CapAnother common phone call we receive from mums is related to the infamous Cradle Cap, scientifically known as the infant form of Seborrheic Dermatitis. This condition appears as dry flaky skin and occurs around the scalp, hairline, ears and neck, around the eyes or alongside the nose. It is normally caused by a reaction to a common yeast that is found on the skin. This is called (don’t ask me to pronounce it) “Malassezia Furfur”. Normally this yeast is found on the skin in small numbers however, sometimes its numbers increase which then results in skin problems, notably Sebhorreic Dermatitis. 

Before you give up, there is some good news! A good quality scalp cream and appropriate shampoo can allow the skin to recover in a relatively short while. When mums call us up seeking an answer to Cradle Cap, we recommend the MooGoo Scalp Cream in conjunction with the MooGoo Shampoo and Conditioner. Why? These products contain ingredients that control this yeast inside a natural and healthy moisturising base which is non-irritating and safe for any age. This ingredient helps to control the micro-flora on the skin which in turn helps alleviate this condition.

Another customer, Leah, was unsure as to what her daughter Keira was suffering from – her scalp and eyebrows felt “really rough like sandpaper and dry too.” 

MooGoo Scalp Cream
(Kindly provided by Leah)

After recommending some of our MooGoo products, baby Keira’s skin turned out “silky smooth”. As you can imagine, its stories and pictures like these that make our day. :)

Nappy Rash 

Most of you will have experienced this. We have certainly heard from a number of mums whose bubs have suffered from nappy rash. It is commonly caused by a reaction to urea against the skin in wet nappies however it may also be triggered by a yeast problem. Normally we advise mums that the best way to help Nappy Rash is to use a barrier cream to prevent moisture contact and a yeast cream to control the yeast. 
Baby Skin Problems
When we made our MooGoo Nappy Balm, we though it was important to use only edible oils. Anyone who has had a baby knows how quickly things can end up in their mouth. While we don't suggest letting babies ingest it, it won't do your baby any harm if they do accidentally get some in their mouth. Some nappy rash creams aren't quite so natural. 

Do you have any experiences with baby skin problems and have suggestions for other parents? If so we would love if you could share. :)

By Daniella De Azevedo 

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